a piece of me.

When I originally created this blog I had the intent of only using it for the sole purpose of sharing spiritual advice with others. Actually, scratch that… I went on a whim and purchased this blog back in March to make it all about me. But all about “me” just didn’t seem right. So my blog stayed blank for a solid four months. I only decided to hop back on because during those four months I felt a strong calling to help others. I finally felt like I was drawing near to my purpose in life and that’s why my first blog post was all about finding your purpose. (Be sure to catch that if you haven’t yet).

Let’s keep it real. I have only posted three posts on my website, but within those posts and the time in between I have developed a new love for writing and come up with new ideas as to where I want this blog to grow. It will definitely still stay faith based and I will continue to write weekly spiritual advice, but I wanted to share more because who would I be to hold it all back? hehe. SO here we are on the lifestyle page. Here is where I will share more of my personal testimony, pictures, trials, and just over all my life! I want my spiritual advice page to be more neutral – things I simply learn, practice, and can share with you all. But this page…I want this page deep. I won’t make this post too long as it’s more of an intro, but August is a really exciting time for me. August of last year is the time everything in my life was about to change. I had many ‘lasts‘ in August and many exciting ‘firsts‘.


Here is a picture of me (left) and one of my best friends Amanda (right). She’s currently serving it up over in the Philippines doing some amazing things. God has moved so much in her life and it’s been awesome to sit back and watch. I chose to share a picture of us because we share similar stories, pasts, and a love for God.

We both surrendered our hearts to Jesus in August 2016.


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