4 reasons why being a ‘Jesus Freak’ is a cool thing.

We live in a time where sex, drugs, and alcohol is the cool thing and picking up your Bible is something only your grandparents do…..wrong. Wake up friends! Loving Jesus and having a true RELATIONSHIP with him is actually the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced and I’m here to break it down for you  .. -cue the beat drop-

  1. Alcohol is no longer a source to my happiness. Alright, alright. To some of you I sound like a prude or someone that doesn’t know how to have fun, but if you knew me in college your girl drank with a purpose (no joke) I was on a mission. I mean let’s be real I invented the infamous tri-rail adventure in my friend group. Quick explanation: Hop on the latest train ride to South Beach (11pm), stay out all night, and hop on the first one in the morning (6am)….
    When I started seeking Jesus I no longer needed to seek drunkenness – and I’ve been asked “oh, are you not allowed to drink? I’m allowed to do whatever I want because that’s the beauty of God’s love, but why would I do something that hurts my Father and inhibits my spirit from growth? So I traded in Captain Morgan for Jesus & we’ve lived happily ever after.
  2. I no longer seek validation in men. OK, I get it we are all on the hunt for ‘the one’, but time and time again I see too many females putting all their eggs in the basket of the hands of someone who honestly couldn’t care less about them. Quick tid-bit ladies – Find you a man that LOVES God more than he loves himself and you will be happy on so many different levels. Eyes on Jesus first! & yes I am in a relationship, but I always have to remind myself that my identity rests in Jesus Christ and not my boyfriend. My boyfriend will never meet my expectations of perfection, but God already does. Did y’all hear that in the back? The guy that you’re hoping will be whatever you want them to be one day will never meet your expectations, but God already does. When God is #1 you’re quickly humbled and realize your worth – don’t settle for someone that isn’t going to help you enhance your spiritual growth and the Kingdom of God (because thats really why we are here, friends.)
  3. Clear understanding. I’ll make this one quick. The closer I become to Jesus, the more I hear and understand Him. I mentioned in my last post that I truly feel I’ve been given the cheat sheet to life. I’m not even kidding! Every decision I make is so clear and it’s literally like God is holding my hand through life – it saves me a lot of troubles and hardships that I’d be trying to deal with on my own if He wasn’t by my side.
  4. I received a gift that everyone yearns for. Salvation. Whether you believe in God or not, I think it’s safe to say most of us fear death and believe in some sort of afterlife or long for immortality. God gave us that desire because He is setting us up for eternal life. Our time on Earth is temporary and very brief compared to an eternity. I’m not going to lie, knowing I’m saved and I’ll be chilling in paradise the rest of forever in God’s presence is an awesome feeling. I wish everyone felt this secure about their relationship with Jesus … because let me tell you a year ago I was anything but close to God. I’m so glad He chose me! My life has flipped 180 and honestly I’ve never been happier with the Bible in my hand instead of a drink or being at home church worshipping God on a Friday night rather than South Beach. I’m not here to scare the hell out of you ( I always loved that reference lol ), but if you’re on the fence with your relationship with God – just dive a little deeper. I promise it only holds value and happiness.

A lot of people don’t understand my new ways and why I’m so in love with God, but I hope this helped you understand a bit more about me and my walk with Jesus and realize that the indulgences of sin only bring you further from God. Remember the why of why we are here and just know none of us know when our appointment with God is – so are you ready?


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