Discovering Your PURPOSE.

As a 25 year old girl I often find myself in confusion. Confusion of how am I already 25 and still have NO idea what God has in store for me? The truth is, I have recently came to a realization that I am not the only person that struggles with this
thank you sweet baby Jesus! –
& if you’re reading this… maybe you’re still searching too.

So I’m here to help help me… to help you. Capiche? Capiche.

OK great! So first step is acceptance – I accept that I am 25 ( the whole married with beautiful kids and a golden retriever living in a beautiful home did not happen like I thought it would when I was 12 years young ) and I am in God’s waiting room. Are you waiting here with me? God’s waiting room consists of patience, stillness, and listening ears. And for some of us we aren’t about the wait especially because we live in a world where we receive everything at the drop of a hat. But God’s timing is impeccable and in order to hear Him, we must be on His watch and not our own.

Do you know who you are? If your first answer was not a Child of God.. we have a lot of work to do. Ok.. I’m kidding hehe 🙂 – that was a hard one. Your name is an acceptable answer, but in order to discover our purpose we must know WHO we are! God created us before our time. Did you know that? He has placed a calling and purpose on each of us all while giving us unique talents and gifts to use in our lives here on Earth to bring Glory to the MOST HIGH. Now the tricky part is how do we know and unlock the talents and gifts He has given to us? This was tough for me at first, but I think I got it so let me break it down…

First, we must stop allowing the enemy to play us in the comparison game. Social media is such a beautiful, yet ugly thing. I know WAY too many people that log on to their Instagram just to exit out with a lower self esteem – why is someone’s Bora Bora vacation making you think less of yourself? – it should be inspiring you or making you excited for those people that worked hard enough to get there. Everything in life requires work & DISCIPLINE. Of course some have it easier than others, but are you going to be the victim or the go-getter here? Anyway – the point here is that once we stop comparing our lives, talents, obstacles, and journeys to others we can start focusing solely on our own. You must be comfortable with who God made YOU to be.

Now we can dive a bit deeper for this second step, the fun stuff.

Natural Talents + Inborn Passions = Divine Calling
Great Strengths + Deep Passion = Calling

So let’s think of the things that are always on your heart. Is there passion or purpose within? Do you long to run a non-profit? Open your own store? Write a book? Travel the world and do mission trips? I know you are thinking of something! That something has been placed on your heart specifically for a reason and a purpose. The problem usually starts here – many of us live in a state of ambitiousness and not doing-ness. The enemy wants to keep you right where you are full of doubt telling you that you cannot achieve what’s already been given to you by God Himself. The Bible makes it loud and clear that Jesus our Lord and Savior is FOR us, not against us and we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us.

If you’re still unsure of what’s going on here that’s ok! Another thing I suggest is to reminisce on your childhood growing up. Look back on things you aspired to be when you grew up or things you enjoyed doing for free. This may tie into your purpose. Or ask someone for advice. Don’t be afraid to ask others what strengths and weaknesses they see in you.

The key here is identifying the talents you already have… not trying achieve talents of the girl or guy next to you or the person on Instagram.

The Third step is to DO! Honestly this is the hardest part (for me at least) I’ve always been a dreamer; not a doer. This step is hard because many of us are afraid of rejection or failure, but we must enjoy the journey and be open to lessons learned (not failures) and just the simple (or complex) process of trial and error. It’s ok to get out and try new things – in fact that will probably be a huge role in discovering your calling. I once heard you’re in the wrong calling if you’re only happy with the accomplishment you attained and not the journey.

As for me, being obedient to God and reading His Word regularly has helped me expedite the process of knowing what I feel to believe is my purpose and calling. I looked back on my past and I reflected on the things that stood out most and I believe that He gave me a spirit of kindness, patience, positivity, wisdom; all with a splash of creativity. I have always been a great listener. I have always been the positive polly in my friend group. I have always wanted to help others. So here I am trying to intertwine all these traits in a creative outlet. This is just the start of my DO. What will be yours?


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